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A Guide to Taking Instagram Shots
in New York with Stormempire

Fashion in New York City - the city of fantasy and art - is always evolving.
In this blog, we'll show you how to style your Storm Empire socks and make them
Instagram-worthy with some of the unique artists we met in the Big Apple. 


City Streets
The streets of New York City are always busy and often times filled with office workers
who never lose their sense of class.
To highlight your Storm Empire socks, why not style them with a casual office look?
We recommend striking a pose on the street with your legs slightly crossed and
gaze drawn to your socks.



Café Couture Chic
New York is home to many unique cafes. Cafes are the perfect place to highlight your socks.
Try sitting on a chair or putting your feet up on a table in natural light
so you can easily show off your socks.
Add in a coffee cup or read a book for a more free-flowing, natural pose.


 Urban Street Art Backdrop
New York is filled with a variety of urban street art. In front of a mural or graffiti,
we recommend pairing your Storm Empire socks with street fashion and
raising your legs slightly to create a chic, hip pose.
If you use accessories like a skateboard or headphones,
it could enhance your street vibe and help you blend in to New York's essence.


Broadway Style Stance
Why not wear your Storm Empire socks in front of a Broadway theater
and strike a pose like a musical star?
You can also photograph and collage props from around Broadway, like the photo above.



Hopefully you've learned a little about how to get a great shot
with Storm Empire socks, just like the New York fashionistas.
We hope you find your own unique styling ideas to maximize the beauty of your socks!